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Growth Asia

Growth for Good

Growth Asia is Brand & Marketing consultancy based in Bangkok that works across Asia creating revenue & growth solutions.


The right type of growth has the capacity for significant positive impact on your business, our society and the planet.


We call this philosophy Growth for Good.


Our Services

Business Strategy & Planning

Effective growth needs clear business goals, customer segments & services by market, a competitive value proposition and an understanding of the resources and the processes you'll need to grow across markets.

  • Local/Cross Market Analysis

  • Test Marketing Strategy & Plans

  • Business Strategy Consulting

  • Business Strategy Workshops

  • Business Strategy Proposals

  • Investor/Market Business Plans

Brand & Marketing Strategy

Before local campaign, content and platforms are developed, any brand needs to ensure that they have their Brand Proposition & Brand Codes ready, and that they have a Marketing Strategy & Annual Marketing Plan

  • Brand Research & Positioning

  • Brand Architecture

  • Brand Proposition + Brand Codes

  • Market Orientation Research

  • Marketing Strategy

  • 12-Month Marketing Plans

Marketing Content & Management

We can help develop and implement local, effective marketing campaigns across Asian markets with - Social, Digital, Activation, Influencers & PR - and integrate with Retail/    OOH and ATL where required

  • Web & Social Platform M’ment

  • Social Media Content M’ment

  • Social/Digital Campaign M’ment

  • Integrated OOH &ATL

  • Retail & Activation Campaigns

  • Local Media & PR


Our Work

We work with start-up, scale up and mature brands looking to expand in Asian markets. The key feature of our clients is that they want to find a better path to both short term & long term revenue growth - while impacting individuals, society and the planet in a meaningful way.

We call these brands ‘change makers’.

And one of the factors to their success is that these clients  - whether they are B2B or B2C - don’t limit their growth opportunity to small or niche markets. With the right products, distinctive brand development and effective marketing execution we can aim for significant mass market growth. 

They should be empowered to take on the world.

Social Good & Sustainable Organizations

We work with a range of social good and sustainable organizations - including for profit sustainability businesses, charities, NGO’s and social & environmental organizations.

The core challenge is that the important operational work they do needs to be supported by significant level of commercial fundraising, consumer sales or partner support. 

So the same effort we put into our sustainable operations should be also be reflected in our brand and marketing efforts. The success of both is inextricably connected.


Consumer Brands
&  B2B Business

Driving Asian Growth

We also work with other brands - across industrial and food manufacturing, delivery and logistics, health & wellbeing, and other consumer and business brands - all looking for growth in APAC markets.

The industry, market & opportunity may vary - but the challenge of creating significant short term growth balanced with long term brand & sales remains the same. We have the experience across many industries to develop a powerful and enduring sales funnel that your team can nurture and grow across markets


“Without a strategy, execution is aimless. Without execution, strategy is useless.”  

Morris Chang


Team Leadership

Rob Hall

Latest Upgrade 2_edited.jpg

Founder / CEO

Rob has been in the marketing, communications and branding field for over 25 years. He has worked in Tokyo, Shanghai, Sydney, Singapore and Bangkok helping global & regional brands launch and grow in new markets.

Dr. Sakunyarak Khleekorn


Senior Consultant

Khun Paew is a PHD in Biotechnology and works with clients throughout APAC in the categories of food, packaged goods, transportation & logistics to help them build more ethical & sustainable growth.

Contact Us



Social Media: LinkedIn


136 Sukhumvit Soi 23, Klong Toei

Bangkok, 10110, Thailand

Growth for Good

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